Dana Jalobeanu

Reader in Philosophy, PhD in history and philosophy of science, research fellowships at Oxford University and Warburg Institute, London, New Europe College, Bucharest. She is director of programmes at FME centre. She has published a book on the foundations of European Modernity, Inventarea modernitatii, Napoca Star, Cluj, 2006. She has translated Francis Bacon's New Atlantis (Noua Atlantida), Nemira, Bucuresti, 2007. Her current research interest bears upon the relationship between natural philosophy, moral philosophy and religion in Early Modern Europe.

She is one of the organisers of the regular summer seminar Princeton-Bucharest seminar in Early Modern Philosophy and the coordinator of the regular FME research group meeting at New Europe College. She coordinates the CDC grant 2007 Shaping the Republic of Letters: Science, philosophy and theology in Early Modern Europe, aiming at the implementation of 6 courses on Foundations of European Modernity in three Romanian universities.

Sorana Corneanu

PhD candidate, English Department, with a thesis on the Cultivation of the mind in Early Modern England, fellowships at Oxford University and New Europe College, Bucharest. She teaches the MA course Shaping the Republic of Letters: Origins of modern ethos.

Catalin Avramescu

Lecturer in Political Philosophy, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Bucharest, research fellowships at New Europe College, University of Ferrara, NIAS, Netherlands, University of Edinburgh etc. He has published a number of books, the most recent, Filosoful Crud, Humanitas, 2004, is being translated and will be published by Princeton University. More informations on his personal web page.

Catalin Avramescu will teach the course Political Philosophy: Foundations of European Modernity, to 2nd and 3rd year BAs, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Bucharest.

Sorin Costreie

Lecturer in Philosophy, Philosophy Department, University of Bucharest. PhD thesis on the relation between metaphysics and mathematics in the philosophy of Leibniz. Sorin is finishing a second PhD at the University of Western Ontario.

Will teach the course in the Philosophy Department, together with Dana Jalobeanu.