Bucharest Princeton Seminar 2008

Bucharest-Princeton Seminar in

Early Modern Philosophy

8th edition

Mălâncrav Manor, in Transylvania

28th of July – 3rd of August 2008

Organized by the Research Centre for the Foundations of Modern Thought, University of Bucharest, with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute, Princeton University Department of Philosophy and New Europe College, Bucharest.

Participants: Prof. Vlad Alexandrescu (Bucharest), Dr. Zvi Biener (Western Michigan), Dr. Sorana Corneanu (Bucharest), Dr. Sorin Costreie (Bucharest), Dr. Márcio Augusto Damin Custódio (Brasil), Mihnea Dobre (Bucharest), Raphaele Fruet (Cambridge), Prof. Daniel Garber (Princeton), Adrian Haret (Bucharest), Prof. Dana Jalobeanu (Arad and Bucharest), Dr. Hylarie Kochiras (North Carolina), Christophe Marinhero (Luxembourg), Horia Patapievici (Bucharest), Ville Paukkonen (Helsinki), Lucian Petrescu (Bucharest), Ana Sandoiu (Bucharest), Prof. Geert Vanpaemel (Leuven), Dr. Koen Vermeir (Leuven), Rahel Villinger (Princeton).

The Bucharest-Princeton Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy is an international annual meeting of scholars interested in various aspects of early modern thought, held by a joined team from the University of Bucharest and Princeton University. The aim of the seminar is to create an interesting environment for discussing papers and ideas.

The Seminar will take place in a beautiful manor house in deep Transylvania; informal activities are a part of the seminars. The structure of the seminar is aiming at encouraging collaboration work: the morning seminars are proposed by a team of scholars on a given common theme, while the individual conferences present work in progress.

Schedule: link.

MORNING SEMINARS - Theories of matter in the Seventeenth Century. Variations.

There are 5 morning seminars scheduled. Please refer to the texts indicated below.

1. Leibniz Seminar:

Système nouveau de la nature et de la communication des substances, 1695.
English translation of the above.
Specimen dynamicum..., 1695.
English translation of the above Specimen.

2. Spinoza & Hobbes Seminar

Extract from the Ethics, the "physical treatise" following E2P13.
English translation of the above.
French translation.
De corpore, an extract containing ch. VIII and XV.
English translation.

3. Bacon Seminar

De principiis atque originibus... (The Fable of Cupid) : Latin text English text

4. Cartesians Seminar

Malebranche, De la recherche de la vérité, Livre III, chap. VIII, 1688 edition
English translation of the same.
Malebranche, Eclaircissement XV: French text English text (larger files)
Cordemoy, Discernement..., the Préface and the first two discourses.

5. Newton Seminar

De Gravitatione et æquipondio fluidorum (latin text)
English translation.