Course CDC 2007

Shaping the Republic of Letters:

Philosophy, Science and Religion in early Modern Europe

financed by the Curriculum development programme of the Central European University Budapest.

The CDC grant envisages the introduction of a new course on the Foundations of Early Modern Thought into the curricula of several faculties and universities around Romania. The course will offer a new perspective upon traditional and completely new material, will be research-oriented and context-related, will use new methods of teaching and dialogue with the students. The basic material and themes of the courses were established by the team members but the individual syllabi will differ according to the level of the students involved.

Director of the grant: Dana Jalobeanu

Course 1: Shaping the Republic of Letters: Origins of modern ethos
MA in British Cultural Studies, Department of English, University of Bucharest
Proponents: Dana Jalobeanu, Sorana Corneanu
Language: English

Course 2: Philosophy, science and religion in the Republic of Letters: The origins of the modern mind
Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest
Proponents: Dana Jalobeanu
Language: Romanian

Course 3: Shaping the Republic of Letters: images, representations and metaphors of knowledge in Early Modern Europe
MA in the study of theory and practice of image, CESI, University of Bucharest
Proponent: Dana Jalobeanu
Language: Romanian

Course 4: Shaping the Republic of letters: ideas and ideals of Early Modern Europe
MA in European Ethnology, Western University “Vasile Goldis”, Arad
Proponent: Dana Jalobeanu
Language: Romanian

Course 5: Political Philosophy: Foundations of European Modernity
Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Bucharest
Proponent: Catalin Avramescu
Language: English


Course 6: History of Scientific Ideas: Foundations of Early Modern Science

Doctoral School, Faculty of European Studies, Doctoral School of European Studies, Babes Bolyai University, Cluj Proponent: prof. Gheorghe Stratan Language: Romanian

Course 7: Getting the Mind Right: A History of the Passions in Early Modern England

Elective course offered to 3rd- and 4th-year students, English Major and Minor,
School of Foreign Languages and Literatures
University of Bucharest

Language: English

Proponent: Sorana Corneanu

Course 8: Foundations of Early Modernity: Shaping the modern mind

Elective course offered to 3rd year BA in International Relations and European Studies, Faculty of Humanist and Political Sciences, Western University "Vasile Goldis", Arad

Language: Romanian

Proponent: Dana Jalobeanu