Sorin Costreie

Sorin Costreie
Lecturer, Philosophy Department
University of Bucharest

Areas of Specialization
Philosophy of language, philosophy of mathematics, philosophical logic

Areas of Competence
Logic, philosophy of science, metaphysics, epistemology, critical thinking; history of philosophy (especially early analytic and Leibniz).


Ph.D. (ABD) – University of Western Ontario (in progress; completion expected Summer 2009)

Ph.D. – University of Bucharest (2007)

M.A. – University of Bucharest (1997)

B.A. – University of Bucharest (1996)



* (with D. Stefanescu and A. Miroiu) Logic and Argumentation (Humanitas, 2004)

Chapters in books

* “T. Campanella- La Città del Sole”, Dictionary of fundamental political works, Humanitas, 2000; pp. 68-76.


* “Mathematics and Biology. Applicability and predictability”. The Ontology and Epistemology of socio-natural systems, Trei Publishing House, forthcoming
* “Leibniz and Clarke. Physics, Metaphysics and Mathematics”, The NEC Yearbook 2006-2007, New Europe College, forthcoming
* “Is really David Lewis a Realist?”, Ontology Studies/Cuadernos de Ontologia, Nr. 8, San Sebastian, Spain, 2008, pp. 127-138
* “Proper names: Mill, Russell and Frege”, Proceedings of the International Conference ‘John Stuart Mill. 1806-2006, University of Bucharest, November 3rd-4th, 2006, University of Bucharest Press, 2007, pp. 291-311
* “The short long life of Russell’s denoting concepts”, Teorema, XXIV/3, 2005, pp. 97-113
* “Leibniz on Miracles”, Arches- Revue Internationale des Sciences Humaines, Tome 7, 2004, pp. 63-8
* “Leibniz’s Constructivism”, Revue Roumaine de Philosophie, 47(1-2), 2003, pp. 67-81
* “Bertrand Russell & the Theory of Denotative Concepts”, Revista de Filosofie, XLIX, sept.-dec. 5-6, 2002, pp. 641-656
* “The New Theory of Reference. Problems and Solutions concerning Proper Names”, Proceedings of The 2nd Annual Conference on Logic and Reasoning, July 2000, NEC Institute for Advanced Studies, Bucharest; pp.69-81
* “Possibility by Leibniz”, Krisis - Journal of Philosophy, 7, 1999; pp. 101-116
* “Identity & Possible Worlds”, Krisis - Journal of Philosophy, 2, 1995; pp. 59-64


* “Leibniz on void and matter”, Focus group – The Research group on the foundations of European modernity-NEC, December 2008, Bucharest, Romania
* “Newton and Leibniz. Physics vs. Metaphysics”, Bucharest-Princeton Seminar, July-August 2008, Malancrav, Romania
* “Mathematics and Biology: predictability and applicability”, Workshop on Theoretical and Methodological Fundamentals in the modeling and dynamics of complex socio-human systems, University of Bucharest, Centre for logic, history and philosophy of science, February 2007, Bucharest, Romania
* “Leibniz’ labyrinth or the mathematical analysis of the world”, Seminar New Europe College, December 2006, Bucharest, Romania
* “Proper Names: Mill, Russell, Frege”, International Conference. John Stuart Mill 1806-2006, University of Bucharest – New Europe College, November 2006, Bucharest, Romania
* “David Lewis’ ontology or how could a Nominalist be called Realist?”, VII International Ontology Congress. From Plato’s cave to the Internet: The real and the Virtual, October 2006, San Sebastian, Spain
* “Leibniz’s intuitionism”, Seminar on Early Modern Philosophy. The great instauration: science, philosophy and the reformation of knowledge in 17th century — Research Centre for Foundations of Early Modern Thought (Princeton University & University of Bucharest), July 2005, Bran, Romania
* “The epistemological difficulty of Russell’s theory of denoting concepts”, American Philosophical Association – Eastern Division, December 2003 / Washington, USA
* “B. Russell - Theory of Knowledge (1900-1905)”, International Conference on ‘Theory of Knowledge’, Black Sea University & Romanian Academy, September 2003 / Bucharest, Romania
* “Leibniz’s constructivism”, 12th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, August 2003 / Oviedo, Spain
* “The Epistemological Difficulty of Russell’s Theory of Denoting Concepts”, Canadian Philosophical Association, Dalhousie University, May-June 2003 / Halifax, Canada
* “Leibniz’s Constructivism”, Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Science, Dalhousie University, May-June 2003 / Halifax, Canada
* “Leibniz’s Account of Infinity and His Philosophy of Mathematics”, Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Mathematics, Dalhousie University, May-June 2003 / Halifax, Canada
* “Leibniz on Miracles”, International Philosophy Workshop on ‘Constructions’, October 2001 Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s, Canada
* “Leibniz on Miracles”, The 7th International Leibniz Congress, Technical University Berlin, September 2001 / Berlin, Germany
* “The New Theory of Reference: Problems and Difficulties”, International Conference on ‘Logic, Arguments and Reasoning’, New Europe College, July 2000 / Bucharest, Romania
* “The Logic of Essentialism”, 11th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, August 1999 / Krakow, Poland
* “Frege's Ontology“, University of Bonn, Institute for Logic and Fundamental Research, June 1998 / Bonn, Germany
* “Observation and Theory according to Newton-Smith”, Romanian Academy, October 1995 / Bucharest, Romania
* “Possible Worlds- A Critical Investigation”, 10th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, August 1995 / Florence, Italy

Teaching experience

(UB = University of Bucharest, UWO = University of Western Ontario)


UB - Philosophy of mathematics (Phil 331) / Tutorial Leader

UB - Philosophy of language (Phil. 220) / Instructor

UB - Ontology of Science (MA) / Instructor


UWO - Introduction to logic (Phil. 131) / Instructor


UB - Philosophical Logic (Phil. 330) / Instructor

UB - First-Order Logic (Phil. 123) / Tutoril leader

UB - Ontology (Phil. 440) / Instructor

UB - Extension of first-order logic (Phil. 124) / Tutorial leader

UB - Philosophy of language (Phil.220) / Instructor

UB - Introduction to epistemology (Phil.110) / Tutorial leader


UB - Philosophy of language (Phil.220) / Instructor

UB - Introduction to epistemology (Phil.110) / Tutorial leader

UWO - Introduction to logic (Phil.131) / Instructor


UB - Philosophy of language (Phil.220) / Instructor

UB - Introduction to epistemology (Phil.110) / Tutorial leader

UWO - Death (Phil. 153F) / Grader


UB - Philosophy of language (Phil.220) / Tutorial Leader

UB - Introduction to epistemology (Phil.110) / Tutorial leader


UWO - Introduction to logic (Phil. 212) / Grader

UWO - Introduction to logic (Phil. 222a) / Grader


UWO - Introduction to logic (Phil. 131) / Instructor


UWO - Questions of the day (Phil. 023G) / Grader

UWO - Death (Phil. 153F) / Grader


UB - Meta-Logic (Phil. 350) / Tutorial leader

UB - Modal Logic (Phil. 340) / Tutorial Leader


UB - Introduction into epistemology (Phil.110) / Tutorial leader

UB - Philosophical Logic (Phil. 330) / Tutorial Leader

Administrative positions

since August 2008 – chief of the Department of Quality Management, UB

since May 2008 – member of the council of Philosophy Department, UB

2007-2008 – representative of part-time instructors in the Council of Faculty of Arts, UWO


* 2003 nominated for Graduate Student Teaching Award

Scholarships and grants

* 2006-2007 New Europe College Scholarship
* 2004-2005 Ontario Graduate Scholarship
* 2003-2004 Ontario Graduate Scholarship + UWO-International Graduate Student Scholarship
* 2002-2003 Special University Scholarship + UWO-International Graduate Student Scholarship
* 2000-2002 President’s Scholarship for Graduate Studies + UWO-International Graduate Student Scholarship
* 2001 Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft grant supporting travel costs for attending the VIIth International Leibniz Congress, September 10-15th, 2001 / Technical University of Berlin
* 1999 World Bank grant as visiting scholar at University of Notre Dame & University of Pittsburgh in the framework of the research project: Understanding Complexity
* 1997-1998 Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) scholarship at University of Bonn for the research project: Frege's Ontology
* 1996 TEMPUS scholarship at University of Rome, La Sapienza
* 1993 Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) scholarship at University of Trier (Germany) for a German language summer school

Membership in Academic and Professional Organizations

* Member, American Philosophical Association (A.P.A.)
* Member, Canadian Philosophical Association (C.P.A.)
* Member, Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science (C.S.H.P.S.)
* Member, Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Mathematics (C.S.H.P.M.)
* Member, Romanian Society for Analytical Philosophy (S.R.F.A.)


* Fluent in Romanian, English, Italian and German
* Partial fluency in French and Spanish

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