The House of Solomon

The House of Solomon, philosopher- kings and the pedagogy of virtue: early modern utopias as pedagogical projects”.

Director of project: Dana Jalobeanu

Research project ID, financed by CNCISIS (2009)

The research project gathers together a team from Western University “Vasile Goldis” (Oana Matei, Cristi Bente) and University of Bucharest (Sorana Coreneanu, Sorin Costreie, Doina Cristina Rusu). The 3 year project will explore several early modern utopias from the perspective of education and the reformation of human beings, in an interdisciplinary context, grouping together well-known texts with a number of unexplored and practically unknown sources of the same period (early modernity).

Projected volume: Solomon’s Houses: the legacy of Bacon’s New Atlantis