Bucharest-Princeton Seminar 2011


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We are happy to announce the 11th edition of the annual Bucharest-Princeton Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy to be held in Bran, July 2-7, 2011. The Seminar gathers together scholars interested in various aspects of early modern thought. Its aim is to create a stimulating environment for discussing papers and ideas. Traditionally, the seminar has two components: morning workshops and afternoon discussions of work-in-progress. The languages of the seminar are English and French.

Theme of this year: Collaborative aspects of early modern thought: philosophical correspondence and the Republic of Letters

July 2

9.30 Departure to Bran from Hotel Flowers, Plantelor str. 2, Bucharest (lunch on the way in Brașov)

17.00 Arrival in Bran (Vila Andra)

19.00 Dinner

July 3

9.30-10.30 Conference: Igor Agostini (Lecce): La correspondence Descartes-Elisabeth et la traduction Picot des Principes de la philosophie (1647)

10.30-10.45 Coffee break

10.45-13.00 Reading group (I): The Descartes-Henry More Correspondence. Convenors: Igor Agostini, Vlad Alexandrescu, Sarah Hutton

Texts: Descartes Correspondance avec Arnauld et Morus, texte latin et traduction, éd. Geneviève Lewis, Paris, Vrin, 1953, p. 94-187; english translation of Descartes’ letters in The Philosophical Writings of Descartes, vol. III, translated by J. Cottingham, R. Stoothoff, D. Murdoch, A. Kenny, CUP, 1991, p. 360-367, 371-375, 380-382.

Link to the English file (only Descartes’ letters)| Link to the Latin-French file (all the selected letters)

13.00-15.00 Lunch break

16.00-16.35 Alexandra Anisie (Cluj): On susbtance in Bruno’s Concerning the Cause, Principle, and the One

16.35-16.50 Coffee break

16.50-17.25 Katherine Dunlop (Brown): Gassendi on the Ontological Status of Spatial Dimensions

17.25-18.00 Michael Funk-Deckard (Lenoir-Rhyne): The act of admiration: wondrous women in early modern philosophy

19.00 Dinner

July 4

9.30-10.30 Conference: Sarah Hutton (Aberystwyth University): The correspondence of seventeenth-century women philosophers: Anne Conway and Damaris Cudworth Masham

10.30-10.45 Coffee break

10.45-13.00 Reading group (II): The Leibniz-des Bosses Correspondence, Convenors: Daniel Garber, Lucian Petrescu, Vlad Alexandrescu

Texts: G.W. Leibniz, The Leibniz-Des Bosses Correspondence, latin texts and english translations, intoroduction by Brandon C. Look and Donald Rutherford, Yale University Press, 2007:

Leibniz to des Bosses, 15th February 1712, p. 220-235

Des Bosses to Leibniz, 20th July 1715, p. 340-347

Leibniz to Des Bosses, 19th August 1715, p. 347-357

Leibniz an des Bosses, 29th May 1716, p. 365-378

Link to file (Latin and English)

Monadologie, 1714, ed. A. Robinet, Paris, P.U.F., 2e éd., 1986

Link to the French text | Link to the English translation

13.00-15.00 Lunch break

16.00-16.35: Barnaby Hutchins (Ghent), Subvisible mechanical systems in Descartes’ late physiology

16.35-16.50 Coffee break

16.50-17.25 Alexander Xavier Douglas (Birkbeck): Dutch Cartesianism and the Separation Idea

17.25-18.00 Lucian Petrescu (Ghent): Salt, silver, oxygen. Real Qualities in Descartes’ and Fromondus’ Meteors.

19.00 Dinner

July 5

9.30-10.05 Radu Toderici (Cluj): “Communication d’imagination”: Pascal, Malebranche and the Social Transmission of Knowledge

10.05-10.40: Anton Matytsin (Pennsylvania): The Specter of Skepticism and Sources of Certainty in the Early Enlightenment Interest: philosophical and historical skepticism in the early 18th century

10.40-11.00 Coffee break

11.00-13.00 Reading group (III): The Newton-Hooke Correspondence, Convenors: Katherine Dunlop, Dana Jalobeanu, Grigore Vida

Texts: Newton's letter, Hooke's, Linus' and Pardies' letters

Link to file

13.00-15.00 Lunch break

16.00-16.35 Kristin Primus (Princeton): Immanent Causation in Spinoza’s Ethics

16.35-16.50 Coffee break

16.50 -17.25 Filip Buyse (Paris I): The Gunpowder Reaction: A Controversy between Boyle and Spinoza

17.25-18.00 Jo Van Cauter (Ghent): The betrayal of Christ: Jesus as statesman (Spinoza, Tractatus Theologico-Politicus)

19.00 Dinner

July 6

9.30-10.30: Sorana Corneanu (Bucharest), Koen Vermeir (CNRS, Paris): The magician’s imagination in Francis Bacon

10.30-10.45 Coffee break

10.45-11.20 Doina Rusu (Bucharest): Baconian natural histories in the correspondence and in The Instauratio magna

11.20-11.55 Madalina Giurgea, Laura Georgescu (Bucharest): Bacon and Descartes : The Creative Role of Experiments

11.55-12.30: Dana Jalobeanu (Bucharest): Francis Bacon's Senecan natural history of the heavens or the case of 'missing' natural history

12.30-13.00: Raphaele Garrod (Cambridge): Whales, Starfishes and the John Dory in Pierre Viret's Instruction Chrétienne (1564): From Natural Theology to Natural History?

13.00-15.00 Lunch

16.00-16.35 James Lancaster (London): Natural history of religion: a new form of natural history?

16.35-16.50 Coffee break

16.50-17.25 Mihnea Dobre (Bucharest): Jaques Rohault and Samuel Clarke

17.25-18.00 Grigore Vida (Bucharest): The Changing Fate of Newton’s Cosmology and the Interaction between Theology and Natural Science

19.00 Dinner

July 7

9.30 Departure to Bucharest


Organized by the Research Centre for the Foundations of Modern Thought (FME), University of Bucharest and the Philosophy Department, Princeton University.

Artwork for the poster (c) Thomas Albdorf, 2010